Funky Flavours

Funky Pie and Roll Flavours

Funky Chunky - Shiitake chunks in a rich gravy with a touch of creamy mash.

No Wurry Curry - Organic lentils & chickpeas in a coconut curry sauce.

Spicy Thai Pie - Chicken-style chunks with fresh mushrooms and spinach in a mildly-spicy Thai sauce

Eezy Chic 'n' Cheezy - Chicken-style chunks with fresh broccoli and button mushrooms in a cheezy sauce.

Chilli-non-Carne - Mushroom nuggets, red kidney beans, green capsicum in a hot tomato salsa.

G'Day Satay - Pumpkin, kumera & potato in a spicy satay sauce

Rockin' Roll - Veg-sausage mix with sauteed onion and fresh rosemary straight from our mates garden.

Brekkie' Roll - Veg-sausage mix with baked beans, tomato sauce and 'bacon' bits

Spinach Pastizie - Silverbeet spinach sauteed with onion, garlic and olive oil with a little silken tofu.

Spinach Quiche - Silverbeet spinach sauteed with our special 'quichie' base

'Bacon' & Mushroom Quiche - 'bacon' and mushroom sauteed with our special 'quichie' base

******Gluten Free Range******

Gluten Free No Wurry Curry - Organic lentils & chickpeas in a coconut curry sauce.

Gluten Free Mediterranean Veg - Roasted mixed vegetables, sauteed onion and garlic, drizzled with olive oil.

Gluten Free G'Day Satay - Pumpkin, kumera and potato in a spicy peanut satay sauce topped with fresh coriander.

Low Gluten Mexican Magic - Vege mince cooked with tomato, red kidney beans, cumin seeds and green capsicum.

Gluten Free Apple Pie - oh yes - believe it - a delicious, sweet, home made apple pie, just for you....



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