Our Handmade Process

Hand baked vegan flaky-crust pies

Funky Pies are lovingly handmade in Bondi, Australia.
We set out to create a quick and substantial meal that you’ll love – hot from our oven or yours.

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    The Concept

    that’s easy – Make a Good Pie!
    Packed full of flavour
    Moist on the inside with a flaky puff pastry shell

    We’ve put our own twist on some international flavours. Some have that hearty ‘meaty’ texture while others let the vegetables be the stars. Cooked in scrumptious sauces for that punch of flavour. We hope there’s one for every taste.

    How we Do Good

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    The Ingredients

    It’s gotta be Vegan!
    Dietary & lifestyle inclusive ingredients
    plant based & dairy free
    gluten free options
    onion & garlic free options

    Local & Fresh
    We use local ingredients whenever possible, the fresher the better!
    pies contain 64%-99% Australian ingredients

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    Get Baking

    Made & baked on site in Bondi
    Australian Made

    Pre-baked before freezing to ensure a faster, crisper bake at your home

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    & Delivering

    The Funky delivery van can be seen around NSW, but we send our frozen pies around the country to:
    grocers & health food stores
    other cafés

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Awards & Recognition

Best ‘Mock Meat’ DishAdzuki Awards 2010
Best Vegetarian RestaurantAdzuki Awards 2010
Compassionate Business AwardPETA Australia 2015
Green Footprint AwardWaverley Council’s Brightest and Best Business Awards 2009