Meet the Crew

Faces of Funky Pies
Managing Director…of Funk

Angie Stephenson

What gave you the inspiration to start Funky Pies?
I’ve always wanted to manage my own business, my father has managed his own company for about 30 years now and I’ve seen the commitment needed, but also the sense of freedom it has given him and our family so that definitely inspired me to start this journey.

Why Pies?
That’s an easy one, who doesn’t love a good pie? You don’t have to be Aussie to enjoy a nice hot tasty pie with deliciously flaky pastry. You can get dodgy pies though, so I wanted to provide a product that was not only quick to cook and easy to eat, but a healthy alternative to the more common ‘meat’ pie where you are really not sure what part of an animal you are eating…mmm

Our In-house crew..


We just found out that whilst the Butterish chicken pie was being cooked, Jacob was just cruising on past Funky Pies and this delicious smell wafted into his nostrils and he hasn’t looked back. Jacob is one of our lovely new crew.


You will often see Shif smashing his way through the pies at 5.30am most mornings, give him a wave when you walk past, he loves it.


Prithvi has come into Funky Pies and is filling us with a wealth of interesting ways of looking at the world. It’s lots of fun having Prithvi in the kitchen, please don’t be shy to come in and join us.


Saidy is in charge of sweets, from a family of dessert bakers, she loves getting involved with the sugar and is good at it. She makes sure to quality check the caramel for every caramel slice.


Maho loves coming in to work each day to generally clean up Shifs mess and then make her own. She has become the afternoon pie-queen and we love her for it.


David has just come on board to help out with deliveries and sales, he’s got the gift of the gab and so we’re going to put him to work to help us pump out more Funky deliciousness.