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Funky pies aims to address the way food impacts on the environment, you, the generation after you and so on and so on.

We're not interested in ripping off the planet to make a buck, and when you support us, you too will be supporting that philosophy.

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  • 31 Jul 2017facebook

    Plastic plastic everywhere. G'day to everyone and thanks so much for the feedback on the "de-plastic'ing" of our cafe fridge. Just a response to some of the concerns surrounding packaging used in our cafe and to package our wholesale products. From the beginning of the business we looked into the best take away options and packaging options so as not to contribute extra plastic or soft plastic to the environment. We use corn starch cutlery, sugarcane take away containers and take away plates, the pies are put into brown paper bags for take away. Straws are paper, serviettes are made from recycled paper, both products from Greenpack. I'd say where we fall down is take away coffee cups, as seen on the recent war on waste on the ABC, we use Biopak coffee cups (not me, I have a keeper cup representing Edgar's Mission), which cannot be recycled and go into landfill, so when you come into the cafe, please bring your own cup; in fact, no matter where you go tomorrow and the next day - take your own coffee cup and use it. As for our wholesale pie packaging, as mentioned I had researched this from day 1 as I didn't want to wrap our pies in plastic, and we don't, we wrap them in a biodegradable, industrially and domestically compostable as well as anaerobically digestible cello bag. I can email you the spec sheet from our supplier if you like - email me at And finally the cardboard that we store and ship the pies in is made from recycled board, which is why sometimes customers end up with squashed pies, cause recycled board is rubbish in terms of integrity, you can check this with Visy, it's who we buy the cardboard from. If you have any other suggestions on what we can do to improve our environmental footprint, I'm open, we've got the sustainability team from Waverley council coming to do an assessment on us soon, so I'm sure they can offer some good tips too. Ok now over to you - please share one thing you have done since reading our post about replacing our plastic drinks..... I would love to hear from some inspiring activists out there!!!

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