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Funky pies aims to address the way food impacts on the environment, you, the generation after you and so on and so on.

We're not interested in ripping off the planet to make a buck, and when you support us, you too will be supporting that philosophy.

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  • 6 Oct 2017facebook

    Hey Funky chunkies! Today at Bondi Beach there is a STOP ADANI human word protest, this is an opportunity to get off the couch, stop clicking and get yourself out to show physical support against the proposed Adani coal mine in QLD. This is going to be a fight as epic as the Tassies faced when loggers wanted to chop down old growth forest. Bondi beach our backyard, it’s super easy for you to walk to if you’re a local, you’ll meet heaps of like minded people, and if you want a pie for lunch, take a selfie and show it to the Funky Pie crew to get $1 off your pie! The $1 will go to the Adani fighting fund, to help support the awesome people organising today’s protest. Be at Bondi Beach at 9am! Quick, grab your sipper cups, your non-cow milk latte and go go go.

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