Faces of Funky Pies


Angie Stephenson - Managing Director...of Funk

What gave you the inspiration to start Funky Pies?

I've always wanted to manage my own business, my father has managed his own company for about 30 years now and I've seen the committment needed, but also the sense of freedom it has given him and our family so that definitely inspired me to start this journey.

Why Pies?

That's an easy one, who doesn't love a good pie? You don't have to be Aussie to enjoy a nice hot tasty pie with deliciously flaky pastry. You can get dodgy pies though, so I wanted to provide a product that was not only quick to cook and easy to eat, but a healthy alternative to the more common 'meat' pie where you are really not sure what part of an animal you are eating...mmm

Where to from here?

Funky Pies has taken on a life of its own, we now have our café which is an awesome little place to sit down and eat, however we also distribute over 500 scrumptious vegan goodies with an emphasis on chilled and frozen products. Our aim is to create awareness surrounding not only animal rights, but human rights as well.


Frazer Adams -Production Manager

Firstly, what makes a manager Funky?

It's a special combination of dance steps performed each morning before I start work.

What do you like about this 'Funky Cafe' compared to your extensive management history?

The music and the vibe - I can't go past it. That's probably because I also manage most of the in-house music...

Lastly, someone mentioned a mexican wrestling mask, what's that all about?

Wait for the photo....


Julio Precioso - Cafe manager

We first met you when you stuck your head round the corner of our coffee machine and started to tell us how to make a real coffee... 5 years later you're still here... why?

Well firstly, there is no-one here who can make coffee as good as me. (Julio thinks he’s funny). And I love the boss (boss is typing this and thinks she’s just as funny).

Moving on, I’ve been vegan for about 7 years. I was vegetarian for many many years before that, I follow the Rasta religion and believe in respect for life and respect for others. Not judging others is one of my core beliefs. Working at Funky Pies keep me alive, literally, I don’t think I’ve missed a day in Australia where I haven’t eaten here… the philosophy of this place blends with my own and so I enjoy being there. I enjoy working with all our customers and I enjoy spreading vegan love, along with the best customer service in Bondi.

Joelle Miller – all-rounder –

(Joelle spends her days in between the freezer in -18degrees C temp, or in the warehouse-makeshift office of Funky Pies.)

Joelle, tell us how you ended up in the bowels of Funky Pies…?

 I wanted a change from the pastry chef position I was then working in,  Funky Pies had some pie making work opening up, so I snuck in there. I’ve been vegan for a long time, so it was nice to finally work in an environment which suited my own personal ethics. Places like that are hard to come by.

What do you do each day?

I have the pleasure of communicating daily with customers about the awesome range of vegan products which we distribute. It’s a constant flow of questions about new products, ingredients, and people finding us for the first time which is awesome as you get to share that wonder moment with them when they find out that everything we sell is vegan. It’s not only great for individual customers, but for wholesale customers who might have just been looking for one product which they have been asked about, and then you get the opportunity to blow them away with over 500 vegan products, from the most delicious pies you’ve ever tasted, to melting, stretching vegan cheese, to amazing vegan ice-cream.

Did I mention that I get to try all the new product samples?


Further Funky Reading.....

We need to get back to basics, to start to live and love without prejudice. If we can stop imparting actions onto others based on our assumptions based on our own experiences, then that is a start. Our own experiences create our own unique personality and own unique lifestyle choices. We need to step back next time we look upon others and their choices and stop right there. You can’t think ‘what would I have done’, because what you would have done is based on a million different things, least of all your own upbringing and the values (good and bad) that were instilled in you. So next time you hear a story, or see some news, or read the paper, or have to evaluate someone’s actions based on ‘traditional society’s principles’, Stop…… Don’t judge……clear your head of prejudices……then go from there..





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