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Funky Pies - Faces of Funky Pies

Faces of Funky Pies

Angie Stephenson - Managing Director...of Funk

What gave you the inspiration to start Funky Pies?

I've always wanted to manage my own business, my father has managed his own company for about 30 years now and I've seen the committment needed, but also the sense of freedom it has given him and our family so that definitely inspired me to start this journey.

Why Pies?

That's an easy one, who doesn't love a good pie? You don't have to be Aussie to enjoy a nice hot tasty pie with deliciously flaky pastry. You can get dodgy pies though, so I wanted to provide a product that was not only quick to cook and easy to eat, but a healthy alternative to the more common 'meat' pie where you are really not sure what part of an animal you are eating...mmm

Where to from here?

Funky Pies wants to offer others the opportunity to create a successful branch of their own, so we will be launching our franchise options in the not so distant future. They wont be just ordinary franchises though, there will be the same pies/coffees/juices and other food products, however the layout, furniture and a few other variables will be left to the franchisee's taste. The main principle that franchises will have to follow is that of being environmentally friendly and ensuring their impact on the planet is as minimal as possible.

Frazer Adams - Funky Cafe Manager

Firstly, what makes a manager Funky?

It's a special combination of dance steps performed each morning before I start work.

What do you like about this 'Funky Cafe' compared to your extensive management history?

The music and the vibe - I can't go past it. That's probably because I also manage most of the in-house music...

Lastly, someone mentioned a mexican wrestling mask, what's that all about?

Wait for the photo....


Julio Precioso - Evening Supervisor

Very funky details coming.....



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